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Queer Insurrection: A Protester's Account of the Occupy Wall Street Brooklyn Bridge March


I figured I should write down what happened today, before I forget or before too many stories get muddled together.

My friend, my partner, and I arrived at Zucotti Park around 3 for the march, which began quickly, after everyone shared various rules. (No violence, write the…

Protesters Begin To "Occupy" Wall Street


#Occupy Wall Street / U.S. Day of Rage / NYC General Assembly

Protesters entered Manhattan’s Financial District Saturday for a demonstration called “Occupy Wall Street,” which is intended to last for months and which is trying to curb the influence of big business over Washington lawmakers. The counterculture magazine Adbusters and the hacking group Anonymous are among the organizers, and participants were asked to set up tents, kitchens and peaceful barricades. “CEOs, the biggest corporations, and the wealthy are taking too much from our country and I think it’s time for us to take back,” said one protester. “What I hope to accomplish is that people who have gotten in trouble on Wall Street actually pay an equal share for what they’ve done,” said another. “The difference between this and other protests of the past is that we’re not leaving, and we’re going to stay as long as it takes to accomplish something,” said a third. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Friday that the protestors have a right to be heard, as long as they do not interfere with others’ rights.

Livestream feed at wall street

Ustream feed, currently live

U.S. Day of Rage twitter

know your rights

more media coverage

#motherfucking signal boost

I know there are some Obies out there…whooo hooo go Obies!


I’m actually going to post this before I shower.

“¡Huelga general!”=General strike!



A shocking video of Wisconsin State Rep. Peter Barca’s heroic stand against legislative dirty tricks has revealed what really went down at yesterday’s controversial committee hearing in Madison, where Republicans voted in favor of an amended version of Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

At the start of the hearing, Barca attempted to raise a number of objections. He pointed out that Republican’s failure to provide notification at least 24 hours before the hearing could be a violation of Wisconsin law.

Barca then asked to be provided with a summary of the amended bill. Republicans refused to provide it. They also refused to provide details about the contents of the amended version of the legislation. “They just removed items from it, there is nothing new,” was the response from a GOP lawmaker. Not satisfied, he demanded to know what specifically had been removed from the legislation. No answer was given.

Eventually, the atmosphere in the room turned to chaos as Barca shouted in protest over the sound of Republican committee members casting “Aye” votes in favor of their top secret bill.

Peter Barca has moved to the top of my bad-ass politician list, right next to Anthony Weiner.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I started tearing up as I watched this. “Shame” doesn’t begin to cover it.

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